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Holiday Wishlist Must Haves for the "it girl"

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We all know her.

This is the ultimate "it girl" gift guide. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a friend, this list holds some products and items that would be sure to impress if they were gifted this holiday season.

Enjoy xo

REPLICA - Whispers in the Library scented candle

An adorable addition to any room in the house. Something that can be the centre of attention on your kitchen island or your work buddy on your desk as you write that dreaded essay.

Floral print one piece

A perfect piece for living your "it girl, pink pilates" dreams.

Glossier - The Skincare Edit

A Glossier "starter pack" if you will. All the favs in one convenient set.

Laneige - Lip Glow Balm - Berry

Balm or gloss? Why not both? Add a slight tint of berry and we got a deal. Only use if you want kissable, glowy, yummy lips.

Slip - Pure Silk Pillowcase

No more crazy bead head. Feel like the ultimate princess with this anti aging, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pillow.

Miu Miu - Blonde Havana Sunglasses

A versatile addition to any outfit, wearable in any season. Cute cute cute.

Gisou - Honey Infused Hydration Set

Nourishes, repairs, hydrates, protects... includes 4 of the internets current favourite hair products.

Chamberlain Coffee - Cold Brew Mason Jar - Square

Whether you're having your 3rd iced coffee of the day, a matcha, or whatever you enjoy, the cold brew mason jar is here for you. Makes any sipping experience just that much better.

Aritzia, Sunday Best - Carmen Cardigan - Espace

The most adorable addition to any outfit. Comfortable and cute, the Carmen Cardigan can turn a simple tank and jeans into an eye catching fit for a night out.


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