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10 songs to make you feel like THAT girl

Below are my current top 10 songs I listen to when I'm channeling that inner badass, it girl type of vibe. I have linked all the songs (using Spotify links) as well as a scannable picture to quickly bring you to the songs (if you use Spotify. If not, you can always just search the song on whatever platform you use). I hope you like these songs as much as I do.

Just like magic - Ariana Grande

"I get everything I want cause I attract it" damn right. Listening to this song while getting ready is a must. Basically my theme song at this point.

Successful - Ariana Grande

Another daily listen. Just tooooo goooood. This song is here to remind you how truly successful you can make yourself. Embrace it, believe it, do it.

Palace (Sped Up) - ADTurnUp

The perfect song for walking around like a model and a bad b. Walk with purpose and as if you're the hottest thing in the room, because surprise, you are.

What Goes Around.../...Comes Around... - Justin Timberlake

Such a good song if you're walking around a city or even just putting your makeup on. Embrace your inner Serena van der Woodsen with this one.

What's New - Megan Thee Stallion

Amazing amazing amazing. Just obsessed with this one. Get pumped for whatever it is you're getting up to. Maybe you're taking the garbage out, maybe you're going to a red carpet. Either way, do it like the baddie you are with Megan by your side.

Binz - Solange

This is my favourite chill but classy song. It gives an expensive vibe and I'm so here for it. Perfect for morning walks, coffee breaks, evening drives, you decide.

5% TINT - Travis Scott

This one doesn't get old. Get your supermodel walk on with 5% TINT. Reminds me of late nights in the city.

Come Around - M.I.A.

Just perfect. I love M.I.A. and she absolutely killed it with this one. Very much an "idgaf" vibe attached to this one and it just makes sense.

Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

Like the last song, this one also just makes sense. Great for a little dance break or a "getting ready" playlist.

212 - Azealia Banks, Lazy Jay

A classic. THE it girl song. Walk through your school hallways with this one, heads will turn.


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